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The E.D.C. Technical Diving Tours are designed for divers who want to see something more than the usual dive routes, combining deep dives with spectacular underwater landscapes with extraordinary visibility.

We like to go beyond the concept of "deep dives just for the depth"! That's why our tours include locations where we can see something that's worth the effort to reach those depths, may be wrecks or extremely beatiful landscapes, where we will see big animals, real coral forests and caves.

Generally the Canary Islands offer very special conditions for technical diving: The huge depths we can reach at many places very close to the shore. That means that at most of our dive sites we will be able to enjoy the dive til the end, ascending at the shore. Only at a very few off-shore dives at wrecks we will have to do our deco in open water.

We offer tec-dive tours on those islands where we have at our disposition the needed infrastructure, i.e. equipment rental (twin sets, stage tanks, rebreathers, etc) and gas filling stations (O2 and He).

Especially for this type of diving we keep our concept of EXCLUSIVITY, limiting the groups to maximum 4 divers.

We offer you following tours, and we will add more as soon as they are ready:



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