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About us

In august 2011 the worldwide known underwater photographer Arturo J. Telle, seeing how difficult it can be to get some specific pictures he needed, saw the importance of creating a specialized and personalized diving service on the Canary Islands. The activity started january 1st, 2012, based in the south of Tenerife.

There were taken in consideration mainly the needs of underwater photographers or videographers, because it is very difficult to compatibilize these activities with "normal" group diving, as it is offered by almost all the dive centers and clubs. If you are an underwater photographer and you are seriousy interested in getting the best possible pictures, surely you have seen that it is very complicated to get good pictures diving within a group. The group doesn't want to wait for you, or accidentally other divers appear at the wrong place in front of your lens, or unexperienced divers lift sand... just at the place where you are trying to take your pictures, etc... at the end many times you can sea bad faces. May be the photographer's because he couldn't get his picture, or the other diver's because they had to wait for the photographer and couldn't dve all the route they wanted... or that "killing eyes" of the divers who are waiting on the boat after a dive of 35 or 40 minutes, pointing on the photographer when he finally appears after "too short" 60 minutes. Does it sound familiar to you?

Anyway, the private, personalized, diving we offer, is not only thought for photographers or videographers. There are many other divers who prefer a more individual attention, may be because they want to dive at certain places, or see things they wouldn't see in a normal group dive, or simply because they want to dive in a more private and exclusive ambience.

However, if you are one of those who want something more than a "group walk" under water, we organise it for you! Our offer is based on over 20 years of diving experience around all the Canary Islands, a huge experience in underwater photography, marine biology, technical diving, as well as the necessary contacts on the different islands to have at hand all the needed diving infrastructure.

Get this opportunity and let an expert
guide you to the best places of the underwater
world of the Canary Islands!